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Feminist Bullshit: “Gender-neutral toys” (read: feminizing men)

27 Nov

My impetus for starting this blog was to create a means of not only talking openly and robustly about masculist ideology and theory, but also being able to call out feminist and/or misandrist bullshit for what it is.

There is plenty of reportage on what the batshit crazy gender feminists are up to, and unfortunately for the Swedes, Sweden is usually a hotbed for this kind of nonsense. (They brought us those lunatic, misandrist feminists who argued the way men sit on trains is a symbol of their oppression of women … it would be hilarious if it weren’t true.)

Now they have again delivered on the insanity front: a major toy company in Sweden has released what they are calling a “gender-neutral” catalogue.

As is par for the course with gender-feminists, all they have done is reverse the gender roles and call it “progress” and “enlightened” and “politically correct”: a girl holding a doll was replaced with a boy, and a boy holding a toy machine gun was replaced with a girl. Clever!!!

This is, of course, mindnumbingly stupid. Having a boy shown with the gun and the girl with the doll actually reflects the target market for those toys and the fact that boys are more likely to want to play with guns and girls more likely to play with dolls. That is basic. This doesn’t stop parents from buying their daughter a toy gun if she wants it, and vice versa – it simply reflects the market for the item.

Reversing this is not inherently intelligent. It is not enlightened or clever. It does not deserve a gold star or a pat on the back. It deserves to be ridiculed for what it is: reversing gender roles to feminize men and boys.

As if there weren’t enough misandry and feminizing of men going on already, it’s now too often lauded in some circles as “good”. It isn’t. And it reveals an insidious double-standard of feminist thought. Feminists used to argue that rendering women as feminized/domestic/weak was offensive to women and disempowered them. An empowered woman would be using a gun! And yet, en masse, they now routinely feminize men in order to psychically castrate them and make them seem like a weaker counterpart to the “strong” female.


But this irony is lost on most gender feminists.

The outright reversal of gender roles has nothing to do with equality or egalitarianism, and everything to do with feminists wanting superiority and attempting to subordinate and feminize men and boys.

It is insidious and should be rightly condemned.

Hopefully parents and the general public will reject this stupidity and the profits of the company suffer.

Gender-neutrality in the law is egalitarian. Simply performing crude gender role reversals in the public discourse is not egalitarian: it is, as far as I have seen, universally employed in order to advance the insidious and misandrist portrayal that all women are strong and empowered, and all men are feminized weaklings.

It is feminist bullshit of the highest order.