This page provides a hub for publicly voicing the masculist response to the growing amount of misandrist rhetoric in the Western mass media and popular culture.

Male voices on matters of men’s rights and dignity are often ignored, mocked, silenced, or treated as extremist. Simultaneously, and not coincidentally, the mass media and popular culture of the West increasingly portray males as inherently stupid, violent, oppressive, misogynist, and otherwise ‘bad’. This portrayal is often presented as intrinsically and essentially applicable to all men.

Masculism rejects the misandry (male hating) in our culture. Masculist theory, as I envisage it, does not purport a return to traditional so-called ‘patriarchal’ systems. Nor does it accept the collective feminist movement as a legitimate or healthy way forward for men. Traditional systems did not actually serve men’s interests or have their plight at heart – and this is true of egalitarian feminism, too, which, although laudable, is not concerned inherently for men. Many other strands of feminist thought – and certainly those most prevalent in the media and popular discourses – actively vilify, debase, dehumanize, silence and oppress men.

The proposal here is for a non-violent ideological, intellectual and socio-cultural revolution where existing dominant discourses of patriarchal and feminist theory (both are at work in the West, and both possess significant power) are both rejected. Or rather, that the parts of both that are damaging are eschewed and rejected, and the parts of both that are laudable, democratic, honorable and just will be maintained, expanded upon, and synthesised into what I call “masculism”.

The masculism I propose is for equality for all people: not just men and not just women – everyone – but it is only through the rejection of the old paradigms and the acceptance of the plight of males that this can be achieved.

A masculist is not a patriarchist, a male feminist, an extremist or a misogynist. A masculist is anyone who feels that the current discourses in the West are diminishing, devaluing and rendering abject the entire male sex – and wants to do something about it. We believe in, and advocate for, men’s rights and equality, and that men are valuable human beings.

We call for a masculist revolution.


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