What is Masculism?

30 Nov

One of the stated missions of this page is to attempt to develop a coherent form of men’s rights advocacy known as “masculism”. Not all men’s rights advocates will agree with this definition or what it stands for, but this is the definition I am attempting to create and arrange theories and policies around:

Masculism is a movement that advocates for the rights, equality and dignity of the male sex in an egalitarian framework.

Masculist theory is not intended to negate feminism or return to a patriarchal model: it is intended to supercede both.

Both traditional and feminist systems of thought and policy have, in various ways, diminished the rights, equality and dignity of men and boys.

Masculism would defend these rights, as well as those of all human beings, arguing for an egalitarian framework that moves away from the feminist model of male = oppressor, female = victim, and moving toward a more comprehensive and less misandrist worldview of oppressor = male or female and victim = male or female.

This definition of masculism is contentious even among men’s rights advocates, and even I believe it is nebulous and subject to further consideration and revisions, but this offers at least a general view of what is meant by “masculism” on this blog and what I am trying to work toward.


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