The spark for a masculist revolution

6 Nov

I was driven to create this blog after reading the umpteenth misandrist (male-hating) journalistic article that completely dehumanized and vilified all men.

Not a day goes by in 21st century Western culture when several articles and/or blog posts aren’t published in the mainstream media about sexism against women, about misogyny, about how women are inherently good and victims, and men are inherently bad and oppressors. Every day I think to myself that surely, eventually, in the interests of balanced journalism they will run a response by a male, something that actually calls out this malignant misandry in our culture and stands up for men’s rights and dignity. This still hasn’t happened on any of the mainstream media websites I frequent. I’ve even given the media outlets the benefit of the doubt – maybe their staff are overworked on other articles and there are no freelancers sending in a counter-response. So I’ve tried to be the freelancer, sending in articles to attempt to get a male, masculist voice heard on these issues. Not a nibble. And when masculist readers comment on these articles, their responses are often either later deleted or never make it to the screen: I and many others have had many a comment deleted, and have been subsequently blocked and banned from pages and sites. I have never been abusive or offensive in my commentary: I am careful to word everything as unproblematically as possible, even simply asking bloggers and other commenters to not silence male voices. That simple request got me a ban.

My intent here, then, is to create a place where my voice and the voices of other masculists can be heard and published without being silenced. I wish to provide here the counter-arguments to mainstream media articles that are misandrist or anti-male: they cannot silence our response to their sexist, oppressive attitudes. Banning us, deleting our comments, shaming, silencing and blocking us will no longer work: these reactionary tactics will not silence honestly-held, ethical, egalitarian and much-needed masculist beliefs.

Our ‘About’ page says more about masculism and how we conceptualize it, but even this is nebulous. As much as this page is intended as a hub for equality and publicly voicing the masculist response to the growing amount of misandrist rhetoric in the Western mass media and popular culture, it is also an attempt to gradually build a definition of masculism itself. The word does not exist in most dictionaries yet – though we will change that. Moreover, there is a wide range of men’s movements, from the mythopoetic men’s movement to the Men’s Rights Activists, Men Going Their Own Way, male feminists, and more: we intend to find the common threads of belief and unify ourselves as, essentially, masculists: eschewing patriarchal and feminist ideologies to synthesise a new ideology that actually fights for male equality, and for the right and dignity of all men and, frankly, all people.

We call for a non-violent movement that rejects existing dominant ideologies that are misandrist and creates an ideological, intellectual and socio-cultural paradigm shift.

We call for a masculist revolution.


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